Reception and Administration

Miss Keighly O’Connor – Operations Manager

Christina Bourton – Senior Administrative Lead
Christina organises all day to day aspects of running the building and managing the staff.

Reception & Admin Staff

Chetal Shah – Site Manager

Miss Zobia Ayub – Reception/Administrator

Miss Carlisle Gordon – Reception/Administrator

Miss Lataisha Swaby – Reception/Administrator

Mrs Christine Scarratt – Reception/Administrator

The reception staff will assist you in making emergency and routine appointments to see your doctor, undertake repeat prescriptions, answer numerous and varied questions and offer help and assistance at all times.

It is a requirement that confidentiality of patients’ records is maintained at the highest level by all staff.

Our receptionists are here to help you. They are trained to do a difficult job well. If you are kept waiting or seem to be asked one or two irritating questions, remember that they are only carrying out our policy which is aimed at helping the practice to run smoothly. They have to judge the urgency of requests, so please try to give the information they require. They have been asked to do this and are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as doctors and nurses.